Turkish Cypriots Abroad Count Me In Project

The purpose of this project, launched under the slogan “COUNT ME IN”, is to reach out to all Turkish Cypriots and TRNC citizens living abroad. 

This website was created under the auspices of the TRNC Presidency, upon the directives of our President Ersin Tatar. The aim of the website is to strengthen ties with people living abroad, to establish closer economic, social and cultural relations, to provide the necessary coordination and to strengthen relationship between the TRNC and Turkish Cypriots living abroad. Through this guide site, you will be able to find the answers to your questions on the related websites and send an e-mail to the necessary authorities. By acting as a bridge, this project will enable us to help you in addressing your problems and issues.

Our goal is also to gather our people whose hearts beat with the love for Cyprus under one roof and bring them together irrespective of where they live abroad.  It is important to accentuate the existence of TRNC citizens and all Turkish Cypriots living abroad so as to show the full power of the Turkish Cypriot people living in Cyprus as well as to help us highlight the unjust treatment we are continuing to endure which has been ongoing for decades.

Please remember that you are all envoys and, irrespective of your political opinion and where you live, your contribution is significant to make our voice heard in the world by becoming a member of this website.

 If you say “I am here too”, you can support this project by filling out the information form to support this aim and please do not forget to promote our website.